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Earn for your NFTs + earn with friends

🌟 Registering for Rewards as a User

For users looking to stake their NFTs and earn rewards, here's a straightforward guide:

Step 1: Registration 🖐

  • Action: regnewuser

  • Purpose: Registers you on the contract, making you eligible to stake NFTs and claim rewards.

  • Note: If you have a referrer, including their name during registration could increase your reward potential. You get 1 point for each person you refer, and for each person they refer. You also get a point for being referred when first signing up.

Step 2: Staking NFTs 🖼

  • Action: Transfer NFTs to the contract account.

  • Requirement: Ensure the NFTs belong to a registered and eligible template within the collection.

  • Tip: No need for a memo; the contract recognizes eligible NFTs and stakes them automatically. A collection owner must enable their stakability.

Step 3: Claiming Rewards 💰

  • Action: claim

  • Frequency: you claim by collection Multipliers for referrals as well as number of NFT staked booster rewards for impassioned collectors.

Step 4: Unstaking NFTs 🤗

  • Action: unstake

  • Flexibility: Unstake your NFTs anytime past the unstake period set by the collection owner.

Step 5: Referrals and Bonus 👋

  • Engage in the referral program (if available) by referring new users to boost your rewards further. Tell them to register, and put yu as the name. Teach them to buy + stake NFTs, and invite more people

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