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This article explains how a Guardian can verify a user. If you are looking to be verified, see this article.

Why We Verify

cXc Music creates an economy out of time multiplied by active user count. If we allow anyone to create an account with full UPing privileges, they may make another account and double their impact on the economic system. This type of behavior dilutes the meaning of UPing, effectively operating like inflation in our FIAT systems.

Verifying users allows us to know for sure an account is operated by only on person, and this person is not also operating any other accounts. It allows us to give real privileges to this person in confidence, including the option to become a guardian themselves.

Verification allow the economy of Blue to be sound and meaningful, a

Verification allows the opportunity for each and every person to be welcomed into the community by an active community member. I hope you take this opportunity to get to know the person you are verifying, even if it’s just for the time of your short communication.

You will be the first human from cXc this person will interact with, and it will set the tone for how this member will interact with others. Let’s make them feel welcome, and help them understand all the awesome they can experience with cXc Music.

How we verify

  1. Face to face conversations
  2. Government ID
  3. Starter Pokemon (If Interested

Last Updated On February 13, 2020