Linking your Steemit Account

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You can link your Steemit account to your cXc Music account so you can log in with either Steemit or Google.

To link your Steemit account, ensure you are logged in first with your Google account. Then, log in with your Steemit account.

Steemit login is done through SteemConnect. Click the “Steemit Login” button in the bottom right to login.

if successful, you will be prompted if you wish to link your Steemit and cXc Music accounts.

Once you accept, you will be able to log into Steemit with either account.

Please Note: You do not need to have a cXc Music account (or Google account) to share music posts on your Steemit. Simply log in with Steemit Connect.

Last Updated On February 13, 2020