Guide to Guardianship

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Welcome to the definitive guide to being a Guardian on cXc Music.

What is a Guardian?

Guardians protect the idea of cXc Music. Their job isn’t to discern what content should be allowed on the map, but to determine whether or not the music placed on the map has been done so with the correct information attached. Guardians work as a team, reviewing each action decided by fellow Guardians.

Guardian Privileges

Guardians have access to special displays that help them quickly see what posts have been flagged for attention, and what user’s are looking for verification.

Welcoming Members

Each new member with full UPing ability must be verified by a human to maintain the sanctity of the economic system.

Learn more about Verifying Users

Verifying new users is a Guardian’s most trusted responsibility. Only Level 3 Guardians have access to this privilege, which also carries the highest reward in Guardian Points.


Guardian Points (GxP) are earned for each action a Guardian takes, and for agreeing/disagreeing with actions of other Guardians. These guardian points are used to stake each user in the distribution of Blue to Guardians.

1/3 of the total blue scheduled to be burned following a Time Unit are then distributed only to the guardians that have earned GxP for that Time Unit

You can find a complete list of all of the actions a Guardian may complete and their GxP value here.

Last Updated On February 07, 2020