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There are two ways to use cXc Music, as an artist, sharing original music to the world and as a listener, people like you that love to listen at music. Also, you can be both!

Let’s talk about “The Listeners” and what you get from cXc Music.

Support your favorite artist for free, find new music to love on cXc Music -

Find New Music to Love

Finding new music is always easier than finding new music that we love instantly.

When was the last time you felt the excitement and happiness of enjoying a song that you just found?

The truth is, all the music to love is out there. We just need to find it.

cXc Music is not another app like Spotify, Soundcloud or Youtube that requires uploading a file. We organize all the music already out on these services via a world map.

Support your favorite artist for free, find new music to love on cXc Music map -
Find new music to love on cXc Music –

You can explore different parts of the world and listen to music from local artists. You can also filter by genre, mood and format.

Support your Favorite Artists in a New Way

We believe in “People Empowering People”. cXc Music is built to make this happen.


By letting people vote on the music they love at a local level. cXc Music give each user a limited amount of votes per day, called UPs.

Support your favorite artist for free, by voting on their music on cXc Music -
Support your favorite artist for free, by voting on their music on cXc Music -
288 Sol Points (worth 288 UPs) are represented by one Sol chip.

The amount of UPs determine the Top Music charts at all levels: cities, counties, states, nations and globally.

Currently, jurisdictions smaller than a nation (cities, counties and states) are only available in the United States.

We will add local charts of additional nations one at a time by the amount of music and UPs. You can help your nation’s cities get their own charts by adding and UPing local music!

Your Vote is Powerful

When you vote on a song (using Sol), you help other people discover it, and directly contribute to the artist. The artist receives Blue for each UP you send.

In Beta, artists will be able to exchange Blue for Purple, our Smart Media Token. SMTs are always tradable for STEEM, which is tradable for FIAT. So, artists can get rewarded financially. For now, artists can use these Blue chips to promote their music.

Artists will benefit from exposure due to your ups. This is because your UPs make the song appear bigger on the map, so more people click it.

Here you can learn more about the Voting System.

Build a New World of Music

Let’s face it. Music today is dominated by a few big label-sponsored artists while the rest of us fight for the scraps.

You can change that by supporting your favorite artists at a local level and help others to find their music too.

Why is this different from the current system?

Every song on the cXc Music map is stored in the city where was created. Your vote can increase a song’s visibility and help put it on top of the charts.

This means that no matter how popular Drake’s new track is, it’s not going to show on the charts of every city in the world, only the one where it was created, like Toronto.

Artists can easily climb to the top of their local area first. This will give them exposure that is a shot at a chance on a larger stage.

This way, every artist has the same opportunities to promote their music and your vote can inspire them to keep growing. At the same time, future artists can get excited to start creating their first track.


The biggest benefit of cXc Music is the friends and jam partners you could meet as a part of cXc Music. We hope this tool will help you discover artists in your own backyard that you can enjoy listening to and even collaborate with.

Learn more about cXc Music in the documentation

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Last Updated On February 08, 2020